Smart Export Guarantee

If you have installed solar PV panels or other renewable electricity generation in your home or business, you may be able to get money through the Smart Export Guarantee

Solar Panels
Photo by Sungrow EMEA on Unsplash

If you have solar PV panels or other renewable energy generating installed in your house or company, you may be eligible for a Smart Export Guarantee payment (SEG). The SEG compensates you for every unit of power your renewable system feeds back into the grid. You will not get compensated for any power that you consume.

What is the procedure for obtaining a SEG tariff?

You must install a system that complies with the eligibility standards; your installer should assist you do this. The following are the primary requirements:


You'll need a metre that can take half-hourly export readings. If you don't already have one, talk to your energy import supplier about getting one installed.


It's critical to ensure the safety of the equipment you've installed.

Your installer and equipment must be properly certified by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) or an equivalent scheme if you're installing solar PV, wind, or micro-CHP installations up to and including 50kW.

You can investigate the various certification alternatives by chatting to an energy supplier providing a SEG tariff. Suppliers may refuse to provide you a tariff if you can't prove that both your equipment and the installation are properly certified.

You must give the same details as needed under MCS or a comparable scheme for anaerobic digestion, hydro, and other technologies with installations greater than 50kW. Any other criteria should be checked with your chosen supplier and installer.

Once you are satisfied that your installation fits the eligibility standards; you will need to speak to an energy supplier providing a SEG tariff. Before you decide who you want to sell your electricity to, make sure you’ve compared different energy suppliers to make sure you get the deal that is best for you. On their website, Solar Energy UK compiles and compares available SEG tariffs in a league table.

You can also explore the options that are available to you by speaking to an energy supplier providing a SEG tariff.